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Dalston Methodist Church - Summer BBQ 2015

The summer BBQ proved to be a great success with fantastic people, food, music and games. The church members, others from across the circuit and people from the local community all came together as one.

One of the aims of the BBQ was to bless our local community. We had a number of teenagers, young adults as well as parents and their children attend. Two of the young women who came said they had never heard of a free BBQ and were really taken back by it. We even had one young man, from the estate, from across the road help take the BBQ back to one of the church member’s home.

The week before the BBQ, flyers were handed out door to door in the local community inviting them to come along and taking the time to listen to their concerns. This was made possible by teaming up with “Hackney Unites”. It is a local grass roots organisation. They focus on community organising. We will be looking at the feedback together to understand how we can move forward practically with the concerns that we heard. Additionally, as a church helping us know how to pray for our local community.

The BBQ would not have been possible without the amazing team of volunteers from the church who helped put it together and who arrived early to set up everything and clear up. A great big thank you goes to them.

At the church council when the BBQ was agreed, we discussed having a long term plan for BBQs and reaching the community in the years to come. I am sure plans will continue to develop from strength to strength as we continue to share Christ’s love in different ways. Finally, thank God it did not rain.

Sarah Grimshaw

Church and Community Worker